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Adult & Youth Custom American Football JerseysThe 2016 Uniform Styles & Designs - Adult & Youth - WILL BE HERE SHORTLY! Canadian dollar dropping makes AK uniforms even better value!
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Equipment Bags American FootballBags, bags and more bags! You want 'em? We got 'em! Check out our Merchandise section.
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American Football T-ShirtsWe can take a simple idea and turn it into a complete look for your team or company!

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Riddell have an end of season overstock on selected colours of their fully integrated Drive pants and SPPSS has been asked if we can clear them out. Normally $USD40 per pair PLUS shipping and handling we're offering them at the never to be repeated price of $USD29.50 per pair INCLUDING shipping and handling!

This clearance sale of Riddell Drive pants is a limited time offer, and only for the colours listed below, with a minimum order of 40 units. Get in quick before the sizes and colours you want are all gone.


We've supplied decals for teams all over the world, and for more than just football too! From clubs to National teams and everything in between, from stripes and memorial decals to tournament participation decals we've done it all. If you've got a special decal in mind we can help you make it happen.

No need to look elsewhere we have all kinds of bags available. And not just these pictured here but for just about any sport you can think of and in the colours your club/school/team wants. Print your club/school/team name/logo on them. Have your bag tags personalised. Event passes hanging from your custom lanyards. Player ID wristbands. All kinds of ideas await you in our MERCHANDISE section!

SHOC - Sports Helmets Optical Conversions now available through SPPSS!
They're being used on football and lacrosse fields all over the world from youth, school and club players to All Star professional athletes. Check them out!

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