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All About SPPSS.......well almost all!

Who & What this is

SPPSS is not a retailer/distributor in the usual sense. We are what some call a "broker". If you'd like a full explanation of what that entails and are suffering from insomnia drop us a line and we'll be only too happy to bore you into a coma with the legal mumbo jumbo. The short explanation is that we do not "mark up" wholesale and/or manufacturer prices to achieve our "retail" prices. We simply charge a "commission" - and a SMALL commission at that - which is added to nearly every item we offer! Notice we said "nearly" every item. Training equipment is an example of products that we never have and never will mark up.
Another important difference between us and retailers/importers/distributors - we do not add anything to freight or handling charges or on any duty/taxes charged by various government agencies anywhere.
The difference this makes to you the consumer makes it worth using us and not some boring old "retailer".....heck, we're fun!
Plus we like dealing with people who are into sports. It's one of the few things that can bring an entire nation together apart from war and other disasters so when you think about it sports is one of the most positive things going for our little ball of dust!

Now some boring legal stuff to keep the lawyers happy.

Okay, that's got that out of the way. What about who we can sell to? We've been asked many times if SPPSS sells to countries other than Australia, China and New Zealand.
Not everything that is on the site - because of various distribution deals that exist around the world - but the vast majority of the products listed here can certainly be supplied to anyone, anywhere. Would you believe we've sold soccer uniforms to Kenya!?
So from Madagascar to Finland, from Austria to Latvia, if you see something here that interests you drop us a line (in English please)
. Oh, we do not sell to Nigeria or Zimbabwe! If you've received an email from a 419'er you know why.

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